700W LED Dimmer Switch - White

700W LED Dimmer Switch features very slim plate which is only 4mm, and a clean appearance with smooth rotary button fully shows its aesthetic design. W86 series applies high polymer PC with glass fiber material to support such a thin profile.

Product Introduction of the 700W LED Dimmer Switch - White

1. Based on a 4mm panel and a concealed-screws design, this dimmer switch is aesthetically pleasing and easy for cleaning.

2. The surface can be customized in different of stylish painting finishes (also can do varnish finish) and injection colors such as:

Elegant Sliver (painting)

Rose Gold (painting)

Champagne (painting)

Dark Gray (painting)

Yellow (painting or injection)

Brown (painting or injection)

Black (injection or painting)

Cream/Beige (injection)

3. Features a quicker and easier installation and disassembling.

4. Applies world-renowned brand SCR with high reliability, and high polymer PC with glass fiber material which has the function of fire-resistance, fading-resistance and impact-resistance on chassis to support the super thin cover.

5. Provide wide adjusting range and comfortable feeling, and brightness changes smoothly.

6. Simple but stylish design can be matched with all styles of decoration at any places like gallery, conference hall, house, studio, canteen, bar, office, etc.

7. USB outlets quick charger 2.1/3.1A and fuse outlet available.

8. Every batch of products will be sent by our quality control teams to our own CNAS certified laboratory to do routine tests like aging test to ensure the quality. Also, quality inspections will do during each producing progress.


Wiring Scheme


Product Parameter (specification) of the 700W LED Dimmer Switch - White

Type Dimmer Switch
Series W86 series
Brand Name SOK
Model Number W86/TG/700
Color White or customized
Material high polymer PC with glass fiber
Rated Voltage 220VAC
Rated Current 3.7A
Network Frequency 50/60Hz
Dimmer type Universal
Dimmer control Rotary push
Load type

High-pressure halogen lamp: 5-700W

Incandescent lamp: 5-700W

Low voltage halogen lamp with electronic transformer: 5-150VA

LED lamp: 5-700W

Protection type

Electronic short-circuit protection

Automatic overload protection

Overheating protection

Wire stripping length 8 mm
Device Mounting Surface or Flush wall mounted
Fixing type Concealed screws
Fixing Mode By screw M3.5*25mm
Fixing Screws Material Zinc-plated
Connections Screw terminals(pillar terminal)M3*7.5mm
Wire diameter 0.5-6mm2
Contacts Material White zine
Embedding Depth 35 mm
Dimension 86*86mm
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation 0~45℃
Relative humidity 5…95 %
Flame Retardancy 850℃
IP degree of protection IP20
Standards IEC/EN60669-2-1
Application Bar, Cafe, House, Showroom, Office...
Contractual Warranty
Warranty 2 years

1 pcs/ plastic bag 150*120mm

6pcs/box 185*154*93mm

60pcs/carton 490*320*200mm

More Info.
Payment term T/T, L/C, D/P...
MOQ 1000 pcs
Manufacture Guangdong Jinli
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CB, CE, SASO, GCC, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000


Recommended Lights For 500W LED Dimmer

Brand Type of Light Reference Information Power
OSRAM Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 29mA 6W
OPPLE Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 2700K 9.5W
Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 2700K 7W
PHILIPS Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 63mA 11W
Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 45mA 8.5W


1. This product must be installed by qualified electrician.Do not disassemble the cooling fin and back-housing.

2. Always operate the dimmer according to thetechnical data provided.

3. This product is only for adjusting lighting. Do not use it to adjust other electronic product, otherwise it might bring damage.

4. Risk of death from electric shock. Although the device is turned off there might be full voltage at the output. Always turn the device in the status of voltage free before starting with work.

5. Dimming socket outlets is prohibited. The riskof overload and connecting unsuitable dimmers is too high.

6. It's a normal phenomenonthat slight heat will be emitted from the product when it’s

7. Do not over twist the knob, otherwise it may damage the product.

8. When using the dimmer with different brand / model of dimmable LED light, the light may be flashing when approaching to minimum value.

9. When multi-loads in parallelconnection, same brand and model of loads are recommended. But please make sure the total power must not exceed the rated power.

10. Connected dimmers may be damaged if youconnect a combination of loads (inductive and capacitive) at the same time.

11. 300W LED Dimmer has overload inspection system. Power will be cut off automatically when overload. In case if overload, please reduce the load and restart the power.

12. When using 300W LED Dimmer with dimmable LED light which is less than 3W, or label-power 3W but actual power is less than 3W, the light might flash when approaching the maximum value.



Product detail



Q: Can you do custom made? Price?

A: Yes, glossy switch buttons and surrounds can be customize to other PC color like red, black, cream, gray or painting color like pearl white/yellow, champagne, Black, Brown, Gray, Silver.... Also, painting color can do varnish finish. The price will be negotiated and affordable if the quantity is appreciable. And don't let the price affect your pursuit of ideal atmosphere.


Q: Do products have a Warranty?

A: Yes, SOK offers 10-year worry-free guarantee for all types of switched universal socket outlets, data socket outlets, double pole switch, 2 years for LED dimmer switches... Our efficient sales team and professional technical teams are ready to support your needs.


Q: What kind of service SOK can provide?

A: Presale: Having 20-year exporting experience, we will provide you very effective communication, devoting 100% enthusiasm and patience.

During: We will share you pictures to inform the latest production progress, trace the delivery timely, and help you arrange affordable shipment.

Aftersale: We will provide documents and tracking after shipment and inform you new products timely. And if any problems or questions after sales, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give you a satisfactory response. Contact us by TEL: 86-757-25333127/6117/6192/6907 or E-MAIL: export01@jinli.com 


Q: How you assure the quality?

A: During the whole production process, our quality control team will strictly inspect each process, from material selecting, material incoming, injection parts selecting, to metal parts punching, to ensure quality and punctual delivery. We also ensure the quality during producing process(line installation, semi automatic installation, automatic installation), packing, storing and loading.


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