45A DP Light Switch

45A DP Light Switch, with double pole function, offer you a safety life

W62 series --Switches and sockets for a universe of possibilities. From classical switches and socket-outlets to electronics, dimmer switches, multimedia sockets and many more, your selection is based on your style, desired material and functions.

Product Details

Product name: 45A DP Light Switch
Model No.: W62/45LQ
Series: W62
product or component type Push-button
device mounting Flush
number of modules 3 module
switch function Double pole 1-way
actuator Rocker
Rated current: 45A  250V~
Finishing Sanded
local signalling  with pilor incator or without for both
Colour Surround:White, Button: Red
connections - terminals pillar terminal
Warranty: 10 years
Certificate: CE, CB
Material: Fire-resistant PC
Price term: FOB
Payment term: TT, LC
MOQ: 3000PCS



Product Advantages

1. Modular design, which can be combined according to the needs of the user.

2. Ultra-long product line, products suitable for Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and other regions

3. Products with lights, no lights, with fluorescent particles, no fluorescent particles, according to the demand can meet

4. Large wiring space, strong wiring, wiring screws will not come out of the product

5. Use a fire-resistant PC plastic to provide you a safety environment

6. Has CB and CE certificate to meet your demand.


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1, How Does a Double pole ( 2 pole) Light switch work?

A switch pole refers to the number of seperate circuits that the switch controls. A single pole switch controls just one circuit. A doublt pole switch controls two seperate circuits.

2, Where to use Double pole ( 2 pole) Light switch?

It's usually used in high-power electrical appliances, such as water heaters, air conditioners etc.

3, What is the advantage of  Double pole ( 2 pole) Light switch over a single pole switch?

The Double pole switch is used to cut off the current in both live and neutural wire simultaneously, but by using a single pole switch, if you switch off the current through the live wire, the current doesn't flow through the neutral wire as it is.


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