Smart Dimmer Switch

Smart Dimmer Switch

14 Apr, 2023

A smart dimmer switch is an advanced electrical device used to control the brightness of lights in a room or an area. It is designed to replace traditional light switches and provides additional features and connectivity options through smart home technology.

Unlike conventional dimmer switches that typically have manual control to adjust the brightness, a smart dimmer switch can be controlled remotely using a smartphone, voice commands, or a centralized smart home hub. It allows users to conveniently adjust the lighting levels without physically interacting with the switch.

Smart dimmer switches often come with compatibility for popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa. This integration enables users to control their lights through voice commands, schedule lighting scenes, or even automate the lights to adjust based on specific triggers or conditions.


Advantages of Using A Smart Dimmer Switch



With a smart dimmer switch, you can easily control the brightness of your lights from anywhere using your smartphone or voice commands.


Energy savings

Smart dimmer switches enable you to fine-tune the brightness of your lights, allowing you to reduce energy consumption.


Customizable lighting scenes

Smart dimmer switches often come with the ability to create and save different lighting scenes. You can set up specific combinations of brightness levels for different occasions or moods, such as "Movie Night" or "Relaxation Mode."


Integration with smart home systems

Smart dimmer switches can be integrated into larger smart home setups. This integration allows for seamless control of your lights alongside other smart devices in your home, such as thermostats, speakers, or security systems.


Automation and scheduling

Smart dimmer switches often include scheduling and automation features. You can program your lights to turn on or off at specific times or create routines that adjust the brightness based on triggers like sunrise or sunset.


Remote access and monitoring

With a smart dimmer switch, you can remotely control your lights even when you're away from home. This feature is particularly useful for security purposes, as you can simulate occupancy by turning the lights on and off while you're away.


Longevity of bulbs

Dimming lights can extend the lifespan of your light bulbs. By reducing the intensity, you decrease the stress on the filament or LED, resulting in less frequent replacement and cost savings over time.


SOK Smart Dimmer Switch


This product is an intelligent dimming switch that can control dimmable LED lights, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, etc. It can be flexible and convenient in a variety of switching methods. Combined with smart speakers, it can realize voice control switches, and with routers, it can realize remote control and timing switches, intelligent linkage mode, etc.


1. Product Parameter (specification)


Input voltage:




Input frequency:


Input electric power (no load):

< 0.5W

Load power:


Controllable line:

1 way

Wireless Networking:

802.15.4 MAC/PHY 2.4GHz)



2. Wiring Way


3. Connection Instruction Of One Position Smart Switch


a)Open the Smart Life app for the first time;

b)Registration and login page

c)Add Device - Gateway Central Control - Wired Gateway (Turn on the Bluetooth and GPS functions of the mobile phone)

d)Select the Wifi to be connected and enter the password;

e)Connect the device;

f)Select Add Device;

g)Add gateway device successfully;

h)Home page after adding gateway successfully;

i)Add child device;

j)Confirm that the sub-device is in the network configuration mode;

K)Sub-device added successfully




4. Add voice control device


This product can control the load device through smart speakers (Xiaodu Smart, Tmall Genie, etc.). After setting up the voice speaker according to the smart speaker operation instructions, you can control the switch by voice by associating with the smart life account.


5. Precautions


a)The installation process of this product involves strong electricity, and it needs to be installed by professionals in accordance with electrical specifications and product manuals;

b)Before installing, replacing or dismantling lamps, please disconnect the power switch;

c)This product is only for indoor use, please do not use it in a humid environment or outdoors;

d)This product is only suitable for safe use in areas below 2000 meters above sea level;

e)Pay attention to moisture-proof, do not spill water or other liquids on this product;

f)Do not place this product near a heat source;

g)Do not attempt to repair this product yourself, it should be done by an authorized professional


6. Name and content of hazardous substances in this product



Part Name


Harmful Substance










PCB board







○: Indicates that the content of this hazardous substance in all homogeneous materials of the part is below the limit requirement specified in GB/T 26572.

×: Indicates that the content of the hazardous substance in at least one homogeneous material of the part exceeds the limit requirement specified in GB/T 26572.


Note: 1. Introduction of S86 intelligent dimming and network withdrawal

S86 smart dimmer switch long press the switch (after about 8 seconds) until the LED indicator flashes, then the network exit is successful.


Note 2: S86 intelligent dimmer switch prevents accidental deletion and exits the network

Inadvertently pressing, pressing, or misoperation by children, long-pressing the smart switch button will cause the network to be withdrawn. If there is no new Wifi connection within 3 minutes, it will automatically enter the network and connect to the previous connection.




Q: Can you do custom made? Price?

A: Yes, glossy switch buttons and surrounds can be customize to other PC color like red, black, cream, gray or painting color like pearl white/yellow, champagne, Black, Brown, Gray, Silver.... Also, painting color can do varnish finish. The price will be negotiated and affordable if the quantity is appreciable. And don't let the price affect your pursuit of ideal atmosphere.


Q: Do products have a Warranty?

A: Yes, SOK offers 10-year worry-free guarantee for all types of switched universal socket outlets, data socket outlets, double pole switch, 2 years for LED dimmer switches... Our efficient sales team and professional technical teams are ready to support your needs.


Q: What kind of service SOK can provide?

A: Presale: Having 20-year exporting experience, we will provide you very effective communication, devoting 100% enthusiasm and patience.

During: We will share you pictures to inform the latest production progress, trace the delivery timely, and help you arrange affordable shipment.

Aftersale: We will provide documents and tracking after shipment and inform you new products timely. And if any problems or questions after sales, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give you a satisfactory response. Contact us by TEL: 86-757-25333127/6117/6192/6907 or E-MAIL: 


Q: How you assure the quality?

A: During the whole production process, our quality control team will strictly inspect each process, from material selecting, material incoming, injection parts selecting, to metal parts punching, to ensure quality and punctual delivery. We also ensure the quality during producing process(line installation, semi automatic installation, automatic installation), packing, storing and loading.


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