Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Wall Switch Socket

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Wall Switch Socket

18 Nov, 2022

Switch sockets control the safety and convenience of electricity use in our lives. The electrical switch is an electrical accessory that connects and cuts off the current; the socket is responsible for the connection between the electrical plug and the power source.

Wall switches and sockets are products that are easily overlooked in our daily life. Insufficient consideration of wall switch sockets may affect our future life.

What should you pay attention to when buying wall switches and sockets? Today we summarize the considerations for purchasing.


1 Gang 10AX 2 Way Wall Switch with Hanger


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wall Switch Socket


1. Quality


The most important thing to look at when choosing a wall switch is the quality of the wall switch. The wall switch is not only related to whether we can use it properly but also directly affects the safety of electricity. Inferior wall switches and sockets in the use of the process may appear sparking phenomenon, which can seriously lead to electric shock and fire.


2. Function


Switch and socket manufacturers have gradually made functional upgrades, and some brands of wall switches and sockets have achieved triple lightning protection. The majority of manufacturers have also designed sockets with double protection doors for children, which not only effectively prevent children from electrocution accidents, but also help to ensure the safety of the family.


3. The Quality of the Material


Only products that meet the standards and with relevant certifications can ensure the safety of use. Qualified switch and socket panel materials used in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance, and other technical indicators are up to standard.


4. Production Process


Qualified switch spring force is moderate, will not occur the switch button to stop in a certain position, and affect the function. High-quality switches and sockets should be surface processes smooth, uniform, and with textured in color.


5. Scene of Use


How much do you know W50 switches and sockets accessories, W86A switches and sockets accessories, smart switches, and more? Different series of switches and sockets have their most suitable scenarios for use.

What is the best place for a waterproof IP55 1 Gang 1 way switch, 1 Gang 10AX 2 Way Wall Switch with Hanger, and ZigBee Remote Control Scene Wall Switch? The purchase should also be based on the service life and use scenarios and so on comprehensive consideration.


6. Price-Performance Ratio


If you are interested in wholesale switches and sockets, price is bound to be a consideration.

Choose appropriate switches and sockets according to the total capacity of household appliances and the specific use environment.  Switches and sockets should be installed in a dry, clean, and dust-free location as far as possible to avoid moisture and corrosion that may cause short circuits and fires.



Find the Quality and Right Manufacturers and Suppliers


To meet the different requirements of customers, SOK has developed a wide range of switches and sockets, including W50 Series Wall Switches, W80 Wall Sockets, W50 Switches and Sockets Accessories, ETC.

Whether it's a waterproof IP55 1 Gang 1 way switch or Zigbee Tuya 1 Gang smart switch, you'll always find what you need here.

In either case, for selection or maintenance guidance, you are welcome to contact us to help you with the decision-making process.

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