Can a Blank Plate Be Used in Combination with Other Wiring Devices?

Can a Blank Plate Be Used in Combination with Other Wiring Devices?

17 Apr, 2023

Blank plates can be used in combination with other wiring devices to provide a neat and cohesive appearance in electrical installations.

Here are some common scenarios where blank plates are used in conjunction with other wiring devices:


Switches and Receptacles


Blank plates are often installed alongside switches and receptacles to cover unused openings in electrical boxes. For instance, if you have a double-gang electrical box with one switch and one receptacle, and you remove the receptacle, you can use a blank plate to cover the empty opening. This maintains a consistent look and prevents accidental contact with live electrical components.


Combination Devices


Combination devices, also known as combo devices, are electrical components that combine multiple functions in one unit. They typically include a switch and a receptacle or a switch and a USB charging port. If you decide to remove one of the functions from a combo device, such as the USB charging port, a blank plate can be used to cover the vacant opening.


Data and Networking Installations


In data and networking installations, blank plates are often used in conjunction with other wiring devices, such as keystone jacks or inserts. Keystone blank plates feature modular cutouts that can accommodate various types of keystone jacks, such as Ethernet, HDMI, USB, or audio/video connections. When a specific keystone jack is not being used, a blank plate can be inserted into the corresponding cutout to provide a clean and finished appearance.


Decorative Wall Plates


Decorative wall plates, also known as designer wall plates, are aesthetic covers that go over switches, receptacles, or other wiring devices. These plates often have unique designs, patterns, or materials that enhance the overall look of a room. In some cases, decorative wall plates may have openings for switches or receptacles that are not being used. In such instances, a blank insert can be placed in the decorative wall plate to cover the unused openings, ensuring a uniform and visually appealing result.

When combining blank plates with other wiring devices, it is crucial to ensure that the blank plate is compatible with the specific device and fits properly within the electrical box or wall plate. This ensures a secure and seamless installation while maintaining the desired aesthetics.


86 Size Blank Plate - White


white 86 Size Blank Plate

SOK W86 Series features a wide plate and concealed-screws design with its durable and Super thin profile, which is stunning and hot-sale. The slim cover plate which is only 4mm can be customized in other injection colors and painting colors, which can make it match your room’s tone.


Product Introduction of the 86 Size Blank Plate - White


1. Features smooth edges with a concealed-screw design that makes the item match any decorations.

2. Applies high polymer PC with glass fiber material and exquisite workmanship on the cover and frame, which is beautiful with highly resistant to fading, discoloration, heating, impact, and scratches.

3. Eco-friendly & Safe: all materials have ROHS certification.

4. Earthed metal frame and screws provide the support of such a slime profile and a safer installation.

5. Customization: The glossy cover panel and surround can be changed to other painting finishes and injection colors like black, dark gray, beige, champagne, silver, rose gold, etc.

6. Double pole switched BS outlet and USB outlet available.

7. Ideal for any applications where outlets are spare.

8. We offer various payment terms like D/P, L/C, Cash, T/T, D/A, Western Union.

9. There are over 20 product ranges containing 3 standards(British, Italy, Europe) for 96% markets in the world. And our products have obtained the ROHS, CE, CB, TUV, VDE, SASO, GCC, and Inmetro certificates.


Final Words


Always follow electrical safety guidelines and consult a qualified electrician if you have any doubts or concerns about working with wiring devices or electrical installations.

If you're planning a remodel and need some inspiration, take a quick look at SOK's blank plate collection. Whether you want a traditional white color or a stainless steel look, there's likely to be an option here that suits you and your budget.

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