1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch

1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch

14 Apr, 2023

"Gang" describes the number of switches on the plate. They are sometimes called rockers, throws, or dimmers, depending on how they operate, but still, they just refer to the number of light switches on the plate. It is possible to get more, but it is very uncommon to have more than three in a domestic setting – this would be called a 3 gang switch.

The number of gangs a light switch has simply refers to the number of physical switches on one plate. The number of ways refers to the different operating functions each switch has. We are most likely to find a two-way switch at each end of our hallway.


As we mentioned, the number of gangs refers to the number of switches on one plate. The most common type of switch in our houses is a one-gang switch.


1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch with N Terminal and Indicator


Product Advantages


1. Rich application scenarios


1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch with N Terminal and Indicator has rich application scenarios, which are applicable to Home decoration, exhibitions, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.


2. Strict product testing


We have professional laboratories approved by the state to test each batch of raw materials. Before the product is produced, trial production will also be conducted first.


3. Easy to install


The S81 series has special mounting hangers, which can facilitate you to install and remove the product at any time.


4. Highly recognized


After continuous research and development and innovation, the S80 series is highly recognized in the European market.


5. More convenient


The product has a design with an indicator, which will help you find the switch easier and faster when you are in a dark place or at night.


Product Parameters


Model No. S81/L1/2N/D
Product or component type Rocker Switch
Electrical Parameter 10 AX at 250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Device presentation: Complete mechanism, match with S81 series cover
Color White or Customized
Device application Control
Electrical durability 10000 cycles
Opening distance > 3 mm
Dielectric strength 2000 V
Actuator Rocker
Number of modules 2 modules
Connections – terminals Screwless terminals


Product details




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