LED Dimmer Switch Euro Standard
LED Dimmer Switch Euro Standard
LED Dimmer Switch Euro Standard
LED Dimmer Switch Euro Standard
LED Dimmer Switch Euro Standard


Model No.:S80/TG/200

Brand: SOK

Guarantee: 2 years

Loading Port: Shunde,China

MOQ: 3000pcs

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Product Parameters

Range S80
Product or component typr Dimmer
Dimmer type Universal
Dimmer control Rotary push type
Power: Max.200W
Color: PC White and customized
Dimension: 74.7*74.7*56.5mm
Rated Voltage: 250VAC
Working Frequency: 50HZ
Rated Power Incandescent lamp: 25...200 W
High Voltage Halogen lamp: 25...200 W
Dimmable LED lamp: 5...200 VA
Low Voltage halogen lamps: 25...200 W
Function available With memory function
protection type Automatic overload protection
Overheating protection
Short-circuit protection
surface finish Glossy
connections - terminals Screw terminal
number of loop terminals 2
Certification CE, CB, TUV, VDE


Product Details


Wiring Scheme


Recommended Light For 200W LED Dimmer

Brand Type of Light Reference Information Power
OSRAM Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 29mA 6W
OPPLE Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 2700K 9.5W
Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 2700K 7W
PHILIPS Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 63mA 11W
Dimmable LED Bulb AC220-240V/50Hz/60Hz 45mA 8.5W



1. This product must be installed by qualified electrician.Do not disassemble the back-housing and cooling fin.

2. Please check the compatibility with your local wiring rules before installation.

3. Please keep the front cover appropriately during installation in order to avoid crushing or damage.

4. Please install 250V 6A Type C Micro Circuit Breaker complying with IEC 60898-1 for overload protection before installation.

5. Please turn off the power before cleansing this product, and use soft cloth or tissue to wipe off the dust or smudge. Do not use any cleanser or corrosive chemical solution.

6. This product is only for adjusting lighting product. Do not use it to adjust other electronic product, otherwise it may bring damage.

7. This product is only for indoor use. Working temperature should be 0°C ~ 40°

8. Slight heat will be emitted from the product when working. It’s normal.

9. Do not over twist the knob, otherwise it may bring damage to the product.

10. When using the dimmer with different brand / model of dimmable LED light, the light may be flashing when approaching to minimum value.

11. 200W LED Dimmer has overload inspection system. Power will be cut off automatically when overload. In case if overload, please reduce the load and restart the power.

12. When using 200W LED Dimmer with dimmable LED light which is less than 5W, or label-power 5W but actual power is less than 5W, the light may flash when approaching the maximum value.

13. 200W LED Dimmer is not compatible for inductive load. Please check the light’s specification before installing.

14. When multi-loads in parallelconnection, same brand and model of loads are recommended. But please make sure the total power must not exceed the rated power.


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