Digital Thermostat Switch
Digital Thermostat Switch
Digital Thermostat Switch
Ukutshintsha kweThermostat yedijithali

Igama lemveliso: Ukutshintsha kweThermostat yedijithali

Inombolo yomzekelo: S81/TW

Payment Terms: T/T or L/C

Min. Order: 3000PCS

Quality Assurance: 2 iminyaka

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The Digital Thermostat Tshintsha has high precision, which is good in sensitivity and intuitive in appearance. Offer you a comfortable environment with simple operate.

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Max. Current: 16A
Voltage: 220V-250V~ 50Hz
End-use temperature: 5~90℃
Product size: 74.7*74.7*47.3 mm
Umbala: White OR Customized
Material: PC
Brand Name: SOK
Imvelaphi: China
Quantity Per Box: 10 Iifayile
Quantity Per Carton: 100 Iifayile
Mechanical Life: more than 2 iminyaka
Application: General Purpose


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Instruction of Thermostat

This product use most-advanced microcomputer chip. This thermostat will detect temperature by interior or exterior sensor with high accuracy, and compare in real time with the temperature which is set by user, to turn on/off the heater automatically for user’s need. When it detects the indoor temperature is higher than the highest temperature of user’s setting, thermostat will stop heating automatically, to protect the heating equipment. When it detects the indoor temperature is lower than user’s setting, while it meets the condition of temperature difference (default setting is 1℃), heater will be on and work under reasonable temperature, which help to prolong equipment’s life-span. Ngaphandle koko, this thermostat also has protection against abnormally low temperature settings, therefore safety, reliability and energy-saving are guaranteed.


Technical Data
Working Voltage: 220V~ 50/60Hz Max. Loading Current: 16A
Power Consumption: <0.15W Temperature Regulation Range: 5.0℃~90.0℃
Regulation Accuracy: +/- 2℃ Timer tolerance: <1%


Function and Display
When thermostat is “OFF”, monitor only displays indoor temperature at the left under the “ROOM” icon. When thermostat is “ON”, monitor will display the temperature set by user (default setting is 25℃) under “SET” icon. Please press on UP and DOWN button to set temperature. When indoor temperature is lower than setting and meets the temperature difference condition of startup, relay will start and the “HEATED ON” icon at the bottom of screen will flash. When indoor temperature raise up to setting temperature and meets the temperature difference condition, thermostat will go off automatically.


Advanced Setting

Under “OFF” condition, keep pressing on up “△” and down “▽”simultaneously for over 5 seconds, to enter user setting interface. After that, press power button to switch between different options, press up and down button to adjust the value in each option, and press power button to exit from current option. For option 06, press power button again to exit setting menu.

Display Code Option content Adjustable by pressing “△” and “▽”

01 Indoor Temperature Calibration Regulable range -5℃~+5℃

02 Protection against abnormal low temperature Regulable range 0℃~+5℃
*If indoor temperature is lower than the protection range, heater will be switched on automatically.

03 Optional sensor
00: Interior sensor (regulate and restrict temperature)
01: Exterior sensor (regulate and restrict temperature)
02: Interior and Exterior sensor (interior sensor to regulate temperature, and exterior sensor to restrict temperature)

04 Temperature setting range 35℃~60℃.
* When temperature sensor detects that the temperature is higher than max setting temperature, heater will go off automatically.

05 Temperature tolerance 1℃~10℃
* When the setting temperature is higher or equal to indoor temperature plus temperature tolerance value, heater will go on automatically; When the indoor temperature is higher or equal to setting temperature plus temperature tolerance value, heater will go off automatically. For example, if tolerance value is 2℃, setting temperature is 25℃, when the indoor temperature is 24℃, then heater will not start. When indoor temperature goes down to 23℃, heater will start automatically.

06 Temperature limit
*For user and equipment’s safety, please set a max temperature limit, in order to avoid abnormal high temperature set by mistake.


Notice for Installation
1. Please follow the connection scheme to connect cables.
2. Please follow theinstallation instruction to install.
3. To avoid damage, please don’t pull the cable by force.
4. Don’t scratch or press on the LCD screen by force.
5. Don’t crash on the electronic unit on the PCB board. Don’t drop. Otherwise, the back-housing may be deformed.
6. If you use hard cable for connection, please bend the cable to suitable angle in advance.


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