250W/500W Fan Speed Controller
250W / 500W فين اسپيڊ ڪنٽرولر

سيريز: W86A سيريز

رنگ: White or customized

وارنٽي: 2 سال

معياري: برطانوي

Certificates: سي بي, CE, ساسو

پيداوار جي تفصيل هاڻ راءِ ڏيو

Unique Stainless Steel Frame of Wall Switch and Power Outlet:



Product Advantages

1.Focus on the production of switches and sockets for 35 سال.

Our company was established in 1985 and has been focusing on the production of switches and sockets for 35 سال. Our factory covers an area of 300,000 square meters and has 3000 ملازم


2.Comply the BS Standard

Since 2012, we have been committed to research and develop of BS standard series products and obtained certification such as CE, سي بي, ٽيو, وغيره.


3.Rich experience

We have OEM for the famous brands in the world. All of these brands are the top5 in their markets. The experience ensure us to offer you the best service.


4.Keep moving

Continuous research and development and innovation, the S80 series is highly recognized in the European market.


پيداوار جي Informationاڻ:

قسم Fan Switch
سيريز W86A series
Brand Name وڏو
رنگ White or customized
مواد گلاس فائبر سان گڏ اعلي پوليمر پي سي
Volاڻايل وولٽ 220VAC
موجوده چونديل 250VA/500VA MAX
نيٽورڪ فريڪئنسي 50/60ايڇ
Dimmer type Universal
Dimmer control Rotary push
Load type High-pressure halogen lamp: 5-700WIncandescent lamp: 5-700W

Low voltage halogen lamp with electronic transformer: 5-150VA

LED lamp: 5-700W

Protection type Electronic short-circuit protectionAutomatic overload protection

Overheating protection

Wire stripping length 8 ايم ايم
Device Mounting Surface or Flush wall mounted
Fixing type Concealed screws
Fixing Mode By screw M3.5*25mm
Fixing Screws Material Zinc-plated
Connections Screw terminals(pillar terminal)M3*7.5mm
Contacts Material White zine
سرايت ڪرڻ واري کوٽائي 35 ايم ايم
طول 86*86ايم ايم
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation 0~45℃
Relative humidity 5…95 %
Flame Retardancy 850
IP degree of protection IP20
Standards IEC/EN60669-2-1
Application Bar, Cafe, House, Showroom, Office...
Contractual Warranty
وارنٽي 2 سال
Packing 1 pcs/ plastic bag 150*120mm6pcs/box 185*154*93mm

60pcs/carton 490*320*200mm

More Info.
ادائگي جي اصطلاح ٽي / ٽي, ايل / سي, ڊي / پي..
ايم ڪيو ايم 1000 pcs
ٺاھڻ گانگڊونگ جانگ
اصل جو هنڌ گانگڊونگ, چائنا
Certificate سي بي, CE, ساسو, GCC, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000




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