TV Power Outlet with Hanger
TV Power Outlet with Hanger
TV Power Outlet with Hanger
هينجر سان ٽي وي پاور آئوٽليٽ

سيريز: S82 Series

ماڊل نمبر.: S82/TV/1

برانڊ: وڏو

ايم ڪيو ايم: 3000پي سي ايس

Certificate: وي ڊي اي, CE

وارنٽي: 2 سال

پيداوار جي تفصيل هاڻ راءِ ڏيو
مٽايو & پاور ساکٽ ٽرمينل ڪلپنگ فورس ٽيسٽ وڊيو:


هينجر سان ٽي وي پاور آئوٽليٽ is classic and simple design, which is look elegant and noble. The surface is Button-Glossy and Enclosure-Matt, easier to touch with large button switch and socket design. It is modular combination system, easy to install mechanism. It obtains VDE & CE certification.


Product details of TV Power Outlet with Hanger

Child- proof protection

It has child-proof shutter to keep you away from electric shock

Classic design

It has lager push button switch design, easily to touch, make people feel elegant and noble. پڻ, it is has classic and simple appearance

Available for hanger installation

Hanger can be removed as options

International certification

S82 Switch obtains TUV & CE certification, S82 Socket has VDE & CE certification.

High-quality material ensure safety

Its is made of fire -resistant PC withstand 850℃ Fire resistance test and 2000V Dielectric Strength test to guarantee your safety. The L-level terminal of this product uses k200 silver contact material with good conductivity

Flexible combination system

With modular fitting design, free combination of different mechanism to meet any special need

Utility time

Mechanical product has 10 years for quality assurance, 2 years warranty for electrical switch and socket, tested life time at least 40000 times

Extensive use of scenarios

Its simple design can be used in many places, including house, هوٽل, school, بار, نمائش, وغيره.


Specification of Product details of TV Power Outlet with Hanger

قسم Wall Socket
سيريز S82 Series
Factory item S82/TV/1
برانڊ وڏو
رنگ PCC- White or customized
Device mounting Surface mounting
Device presentation Complete mechanism
Socket function TV Socket
Number of modules 1
TV Plug model ROHS, REACH and 24-hour salt spray test
Surface finish Button-Glossy, Enclosure-Matt
Parameter 250وي ~, 50~60Hz
Fixing mode Clip -in
مواد TPE, پي سي, Brass
Opening distance >3MM
Wire Stripping Length 10ايم ايم
Wire Capacity 1.5-2.5mm² Rigid
طول(with Hanger) 86*86*45ايم ايم
Hanger screw ST35*15
Certification وي ڊي اي, CE
Standards EN/IEC 60669-1
معياري European standard
Dielectric Strength 2000V
Fire resistance 850
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation -15~45℃
Ambient Temperature for Storage -20-50
IK 06
Application House, School, Hotel
Life time
Test lifetime At least 40000 times
وارنٽي 2 سال
Packing 1pcs/nylon bag, 115*160ايم ايم
10pcs/box, 177*150*95ايم ايم
100pcs/carton, 500*314*192ايم ايم
More info
ايم ڪيو ايم 3000پي سي ايس
Payment TT, ايل / سي
Price terms فوب شائينڊ, C&F
Port of loading SHUNDE, CHINA
Place of origin GUANGDONG JINLI
Certificated company JINLI has ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000 certification
Product ready time 25~45 days
Delivery By SEA or by AIR



Product Details of هينجر سان ٽي وي پاور آئوٽليٽ


Product Qualification of هينجر سان ٽي وي پاور آئوٽليٽ


FAQS of TV Power Outlet with Hanger

ق: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

هڪ: We are manufacturer with company covers 300,000 square meters with over 1300 employee. Our factory located in Shunde Area, فوشان شهر, Guangdong Province.


ق: What's the delivery time

هڪ: Depends on the order quantity, Normally The lead time will be 25-45 days


ق: How can be your agent?

هڪ: We warmly welcome you to be SOK agent, we have special offer for our SOK agent, more details please confirm with Winny at export01@jinli.com.


ق: What's your products advantage?

هڪ: We have 3 kind of standard products : British standard, Euro standard, and Italy standard in full range to meet your need. We have strong power in R & D and production. Moreover, Our quality control is excellent, we cooperate with 3 Fortune 500 companies more than 20 سال.

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