RCA Power Socket
RCA Power Socket
RCA Power Socket
RCA Power Socket

Product name: RCA Power Socket

Model Number: S80/RCA

Series: S80

Brand name: SOK or OEM

MOQ: 3000pcs

Origin:Guangdong, China

Payment term: T/T,L/C

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Product advantages of RCA Power Socket

1.The product design is simple and classic, suitable for a variety of decoration styles

2.The product has strong anti-interference signal capability and is more comfortable to use

3.The design of the RCA Power Outlet is exquisitely and prevent rust

4.The product allows multiple transportation methods such as water, air and land transportation

5.The product allows multiple flexible payment methods such as T/ T,L/ C, etc.

6.The product is highly recognized in the market and has a good reputation


Product Parameters

Product name RAC Power Socket
Model No. S80/RCA
Device application Power supply
Product or component type Power Socket
Device presentation Complete mechanism, match with S80 cover
Socket No. 3
Fixing Mode Long claws
Rate current 250V 50~60Hz
Audio terminal block(Red) 13.1*10*19.4mm
Audio terminal block(White) 13.1*10*19.4mm
Video terminal block(Yellow) 13.1*10*19.4mm
Frame material Transparent PC
Back-housing material Grey flame retardant PC
Hanger material White zinc plating
Hanger screw ST35*15
Color White or Customized
Brand Sok or Customized
Warranty 10-year
IP degree of protectionI IP20



Q1: What is the RCA Power Outlet?

A1: RCA is an abbreviation of Radio Corporation of American because the RCA connector was invented by this company. Also called AV terminal, also known as AV interface, almost all TV and DVD products have this interface. It is not specifically designed for which interface, it can be used for both audio and ordinary video signals, and it is also a DVD component (YCrCb) socket, but only three.

Q2: Why do we need to connect the RAC Power Outlet?

A2: The RCA interface realizes the separate transmission of audio and video, which avoids the image quality degradation caused by the mixed audio / video interference. At present, the most widely used interfaces on audio and video equipment, almost every audio and video equipment provides such interfaces for audio and video input and output.


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