Guangdong Jinli Electrical Appliance was established in 1985. It focus on manufacturing low-voltage switches & sockets. The products include BS/Europe/Italy Standard, with over 20 series, which have sold to more than 60 countries and areas. It meet the need of 96% of the world’s countries.
We have more than 20 years of OEM & ODM production experience which mean our professional engineer team can meet all your demands from R&D to production.

Our company covers 300,000㎡, has over 1300 employees, 108 injection mavhines, 20 high speed puching machines, 9 automatic assembly line, 100 manual assembly line, 10 million pieces montly capacity

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R&D Team Member

10 million

Monthly Capacity

Why Choose Us

1. Quick Response: A strong R&D team which can develop and produce switches and sockets that meet your market needs.Fast order completion within 30-45 days,24 hours online for you.

2. High-quality Products: A professional QC team and established strict standards for every aspect of product manufacturing,certification of ISO 9001, ISO14000, CE, CB, SASO, ROHS, CNAS laboratory.

3. Rich experience: 35 years of OEM & ODM experience, providing OEM the low-voltage switches & sockets for the Fortune 500 company for more than ten years

high quality

China supplier high quality wall switch socket

The product series is complete, suitable for various decoration styles, such as family, business, hotel, exhibition hall, etc.

More than 100 quality inspection procedures to provide customers with high-quality switches & sockets.

Therefore, we have 10-year warranty for non-electronic switches & sockets and 2-year warranty for electronic switch & sockets.

Meet the needs of DIY matching

Use high quality PC material

Full range of modular switches & sockets

4 different materials: plastic, metal, glass, wood
2 different designs: horizontal, vertical direction
Waterproof switches & sockets ensure your safety: IP65, IP44

Highly recognized by the market

Ultra-thin design, white appearance is clean and classic

The back-housing material can withstand 850℃ temperature test

Product display

We have excellent product quality and excellent service for the display of characteristic products of power supply.

Gang Switch 13A BS Electric Socket with Neon & USB

1 Gang Switch 13A BS Electric Socket with Neon & USB is more suitable for various interior decorations such as homes, hotels, offices, etc. It can bring convenience to people's lives and easily solve the charging problem anytime and anywhere.

Digital Thermostat Switch S81/TW

Our R&D team use the advanced microcomputer chip which can detect temperature by interior or exterior sensor with high accuracy, and compare in real time with the temperature which is set by user, to turn on/off the heater automatically for user’s need.

2 Gang light switch + 2 Sets of 13A BS Socket

The IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating makes the product more suitable for outdoor, bathroom, kitchen and other places where water vapor can easily enter the switches and sockets. Single Way Waterproof Light Switch And One Gang French Socket Outlet is made of PC-UV material, which will not fade easily.

2 Gang Schuko Wall Socket with Shutter with Hanger S82/16U/2

2 Gang Schuko Wall Socket with Shutter with Hanger is not only of high quality which has a 10 years guarantee, but also extremely safe. In order to protect the safety of you and your family, our R&D team has added a protective door setting, which can effectively avoid electric shock accidents.

quality certificates

Enterprise Certification of ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18000CNAS.
Product Certifiction of CE, CB, RoHs, TUV, VDE, SASO, GCC

company news

For company-related news and featured product information, we update the company’s dynamics regularly.

Are Your Outdoor Outlet Safe?

When you need to use outdoor outlets, have you considered the safety of outdoor outlets? The answer from most people is no, because when you see outdoor outlets there, and we need to use them, their appearance looks the same as other outlets. We assume that they are safe and usable. However, unlike indoor sockets, outdoor sockets face various environments every day. Natural environments such as heat, cold, rain, and snow will cause these outdoor sockets to be affected by many factors. Seeing this, when using outdoor sockets, you will pay more attention to the safety of sockets. Avoid dangerous accidents such as fire and electric shock. Correct selection of outdoor sockets When choosing sockets, choose high-quality sockets and products with certification marks. The protection level of outdoor plugs and sockets is relatively high. It is recommended to choose IP55 or higher. Learn to choose the outdoor switch you want according to the IP protection level. You can also choose to have a waterproof protective cover socket, they can provide protection against moisture, rain, ice and snow. Enhance their corrosion-resistant components and protect anyone who touches them from shocks. The protection grade adopts the IP×× grade standard recommended by the International Electric technical Commission (IEC), and the grade is different for different installation places. Please refer to the following description

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USB Outlet Security FAQs

The socket with USB has greatly facilitated people’s daily life. You can charge your device in many places, such as at home, office, hotel or charge your device with just one charging cable. In order for you to better understand the impact of USB device charging on your device, we will answer some of the most common questions about USB charging and how to charge it safely and openly.                   NO.1 Will use USB socket to charge the device damage the device? The USB socket actually integrates an ordinary USB charger into the socket, which is no different from the USB charger used in our daily lives. The USB charger can provide the right amount of current (in amperes). The device itself is designed to only absorb the required current and cut off the current when the battery is full. This prevents the device from overheating or suffering any damage. Of course, when you buy a charger, you need to choose a high-quality product. Choosing a low-quality product may cause the charging voltage to be too high, causing the device to be broken down. NO.2 Can I use any USB charger to charge my phone? Generally speaking, mobile phone charging equipment is universal. (Except for some special charging equipment) 1. Mobile phone

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1. Our payment terms is D/P, T/T, L/C at sight 30 days/60 days, Cash, Western Union. 30% as deposit and 70% as balance should be paid before shipment.

2. Normally manufacturing cycle is 30-40 days. Our efficient service team could arrange shipment for you after finishing production.

3. If you interested in our products and want to make sure their quality, contact us and we can send the sample for you.

4. More than 20 years of professional trade team to provide services 24 hours, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.