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  • S80 Seires pistikupesad

S80 Seires pistikupesad

  • Topelt USB-pistikupesa

    [malli id ​​="3648"]   Tehnoloogia arenguga, USB-pistikupesa muutub inimeste igapäevases elus üha olulisemaks. Kahe USB-pordi ruum on piisavalt suur, et varustada kahte seadet korraga laadimiseks. Double USB-pistikupesa lihtne välimus muudab selle kohandatavaks…
  • 16Üks kruvivaba Prantsuse pistikupesa Terminla

    [malli id ​​="3638"]   Tooteomadused 16A ühe kruvita Prantsuse pistikupesale 1. Kaitseukse disain, mis välistab elektrilöögi ohu, kui lapsed mängivad 2,16A suurust Prantsuse pistikupesa, on rikkaliku rakendusstsenaariumiga, mis on kohaldatavad perekondadele, koolides, hotellid ja muud kohad. 3.Lülitage nuppe ja tagasi ...
  • 16Üks kruvivaba 2-kontaktiline pistikupesa

    Toote omadus 16A ühe kruvita 2-kontaktilise pistikupesa pistikupesale 1. Toote peamine materjal on leegiaeglustav PC-materjal, ja tagumine iste peab vastu kõrge temperatuuri testile 850 ℃. Toode on varustatud kaitseuksega, et vältida elektrilöögi ohtu lastel mängides
  • Cable outlet

    Product characteristic of Cable outlet 1.The product shows smooth, clean, simple and classic. 2.The back housing is making of high temperature resistant gray flame retardant material, which can withstand the high temperature test of 850℃. 3.Flat and cambered design, up to 27 colors and 4 different material fou option 4.The…
  • S80 Hanger Accessories

    [malli id ​​="3635"]   S80 Hanger Accessories assemble in the chassis, it will help you install and remove easier and faster at any time. Product Parameter Model No. S80/HG Brand SOK or Customized Color: White or Customized Material High Polymer PC Package 100pcs/box 1000pcs/carton Hanger White zinc plating Payment D/P, L / C,
  • S80 Silicon Accessories IP44

    [malli id ​​="3634"]   The safety of electrical appliances has always been a concern. The application of S80 Silicon Accessories IP44 is to make switches and sockets safer during use and avoid the risk of electric shock.   Product Details …
  • Single Schuko Power Outlet Euro Standard

    [malli id ​​="3633"]   Product advantages: 1 The main parts are make with high quality PC, silver point and brass. 2 The middle frame and back housing are using an integrated design, which makes the strength increase. 3 Unique installation hook design, easy to disassemble and assemble 4 Products range is full 5 There are…
  • Twins Schuko Power Outlet(Type B)

    [malli id ​​="3632"]   Product advantages: 1.Rich experience Our company was established in 1985 and has been focusing on the production of switches and sockets for 35 aastat. 2.Strong production capacity Our factory covers an area of 300,000 square meters and has 1300 employees,over 100 product lines which can provide strong…
  • Twin Schuko Power Socket

    Product advantages of Twin Schuko Power Socket 1.Professional R&D teamcontinue to innovate Our R&D team develop Europe product since 2012,80 engineers continue to breakthroughto design the better switches and sockets to meet our customer’s demand. 2.Strictly quality check Each workshop has a professional inspection team to carry out strict inspection…
  • Twin 2-Pin Power outlet European Standard

    [malli id ​​="3631"]   Product advantages 1.We have 35 aastane kogemus lülitite ja pistikupesade valmistamisel. 2.The Twin 2-Pin Power outlet European Standard has rich application scenarios, mis on kohaldatavad perekondadele, koolides, hotellid ja muud kohad. 3.Switch buttons and back housingare making of high temperature resistant materials to ensure safety.…
  • Single Schuko Power Outlet W/ Lid

    [malli id ​​="3636"] Product Advantages: 1. 10 years warranty for mechanical switch and socket, 2 year warranty for electronic items 2. Back housing made of fireresistance PC withstand 850℃ and 3000V test, to guarantee your safety 3. Child- proof shutter to keep you away from electric shock 4. Flexible combination system…
  • Schuko power outlet with double USB charger 3.1A 16A with Screw Terminal

    [malli id ​​="3648"]   The Schuko power outlet with double Charger 3.1A 16A with Screw Terminal offer you convenient experience for life. It’s with two USB port and provide 3.1A that match all electronic equipment. Specifications Model No.: S80/16U/USB/2 Product or component type: USB charger + socket outlet Electrical Parameter 250v~…
  • Schuko power socket with double USB port 3.1A 16A with Screwless Terminal

    Product advantages 1.Appearance’s design simple and stylish The large white switch design makes people feel elegant and noble, and the smooth surface allows consumers to experience comfort during use. 2.High-quality material ensure safety The K200 silver contact material ensures better conductivity, and the back-housing uses gray flame retardant PC material,
  • S80 LED Indicator Accessories

    [malli id ​​="3639"]   Toote üksikasjad [malli id ​​="4277"]
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